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SystemCold Storage


The cold storage system of Wiskind is widely applied in butchery, fishery, fruits & vegetables, prepared foods, edible fungus and cold chain logistics. As a new type of high-grade insulation material, the Wiskind cold storage panel is made with lightweight hard PU foam as the core, and color steel sheet or stainless steel as the surface material, which allows the product such advantages as low thermal conductivity, great resistance to load, high closed-cell rate, superior flame retardancy and wide temperature range. The high-quality material, in combination with the rational design of the installation system, is able to guarantee the sealing and thermal-insulating effect of the cold storage system as a whole, thus effectively avoiding thermal transmission caused by big temperature difference between the inside and outside, and making cold storage operation more efficient and more energy-saving.



Product Strengths
Outstanding Thermal Insulation
Outstanding Thermal Insulation The PU core material with excellent thermal insulation performance, combined with the ingenious and reasonable plug-in method and design of installation details, ensures the sealing and heat insulation effect of the whole cold storage system.
The PU core material with excellent thermal insulation performance, combined with the ingenious and reasonable plug-in method and design of installation details, ensures the sealing and heat insulation effect of the whole cold storage system.


Great Flame Retardancy

PU is a thermosetting resin that forms a carbonized protective layer during combustion, without melting or dripping like EPS and XPS. After being combined with metal panel, itsfire resistance properties can be further improved.


Durable Panels

High-quality color-coated steel or stainless steel panels feature outstanding strength and resistance to corrosion. The rigid PU foam enjoys a closed cell ratio of over 90% and a water absorption rate of no higher than 3%. The various properties of the panel can be kept in good condition for a very long time.


RigorousEnvironmental Standards

The PU panels are strictly selected and processed in accordance with national and industry environmental standards. During the service process, the panels arenot easy to breed bacteria and parasites, so they are able to adapt to the complicated conditions, as well asthe rigorous environmental requirements of the cold chain logistics industry.


Convenient and Fast Installation

The panels are prefabricated in the factory with a maturely designed installation system, thus making onsite installation easier and faster, while greatly shortening the construction period, and reducing labor costs and material waste.



Product Features



Basic Panel Type

Specs & Parameters
  Items   state
  板材規格   breadth   930-1,130mm
  thickness   PU/PIR: 40-300mm;巖棉+PU/PIR:40-200mm
  Length   ≤26m
  面板規格   Material   Color Coated Steel ; 304、316 Stainless Steel
  thickness   0.4-0.8mm
  coating   PE/HDP/PVDF/SMP
  Fire rating   B1級(oxygen index≥30%)
  porosity by closed pore   ≥90%
  water absorption   ≤3%
  Thermal conductivity   0.018-0.024
  Heat-resisting range   -185℃、+110℃
Comparison of Material Thermal Insulation
Parameters of Thermal Insulation Performance
  Material info
  unit weight
  Thermal conductivity
  Equivalent insulation thickness
  PU Panel   40   0.018-0.024   35
  Rockwool Panel   120   0.036-0.041   60
  Red Brick Wall   1600   0.81   475
  Concrete Wall   2300   1.28   1,075
(Note: Under normal temperature conditions)
System Solution
(Diagram of Cold Storage System Solution)
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Application Industries

  • Butchery
  • prepared foods
  • edible fungus
  • cold chain logistics
  • fishery
  • fruits & vegetables


Industrial Technologies

PU Core
Employ the globally advanced six-component onsite foaming technology. Pentane foaming is an advanced, fluorine-free foaming technology that eliminates the original fluorine-containing F11 and 141B foaming agents,so as to protect the ozone layer of the earth.
Rockwool Core
Rockwool (RW for short) is made of high-quality basalt and dolerite. After being melted at a temperature as high as 1400°C, it is centrifugally drawn into fiber and then complemented with binder, dust-proof oil, water-repellent agent and other additives. The heat resistance range of Rockwool is between -60°C and +500°C, achieving the Class A fire resistance rating. Rockwool is an artificial mineral fiber, which is totally different from the properties of the natural mineral fiber, and causes no harm to human health.
Color Coated Steel
Take strip steel as the substrate (such as hot-dip galvanized panel, galvanized panel), with the surface coated with polymer coatings, such as polyester (PE), silicon modified polyester (SMP), high durability polyester (HDP), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and the like.Wiskind has established strategic partnerships with well-known companies, such as Shanghai Baosteel, BHP, Yieh Phui, Union Steel, Masteel and Nippon, with the aim to offer a complete range of product colors and specs. Its special high-quality color-coated panel can last for 10 years even when applied in high temperature, high humidity or acid / alkaline corrosion environment, so it is able to satisfy the special needs of various industries.
Stainless Steel
As the raw material, high quality 304 or 316 stainless steel is applied to ensure a stable product quality. The surface of the panel is covered with a film dedicated to the protection of stainless steel,with the aim to prevent the material from being damaged during transportation, installation and tearing. The bonding surface of the stainless steel is treated with a special process,which ensures that the bonding ratio between the panel and the PU reaches up to 95%, so as to effectively avoid the phenomenon of insecure bonding.