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Colorcurtain? Insulated Panel



Colorcurtain® Insulated Panel




  Product Features

  Diversified colorful appearance effects available for selection;

  Mature installation system to ensure building safety;

  Outstanding weatherability, thermal insulation and fire resistance performances;

  Mature production process leads to a higher panel quality;

  Unique plug-in connection allows for panel replacement;

  Excellent processability is able to cope with various creative designs.

 Items                                 Standard Specs &Parameters
  Face Panel
  Material: Color coated steel panel / high quality Al-Mg-Mn alloy / stainless steel panel / coated steel panel / copper panel / titanium-zincpanel
  Thickness: ≥0.7mm(other thicknesses available)
  Back Panel
  Material: high quality steel panel 
  Thickness: 0.4mm(other thicknesses available)

  Material: High quality hydrophobic Rockwool

  Thickness: 75mm(other thicknesses available)

  Hydrophobicity: 98%

  Adhesive   Two-component Polyurethane Sealant
  Surface Coating   PVDF, Polyester (other options available upon request)
  Panel Specs

  Length: 4000mm(other lengths customizable)

  Width: 400mm(other widths customizable)

  Panel  Weight    Approx. 15-20/
  Flame Retardancy   Class A

Application Areas




      Art galleries, exhibition centers, airport terminals, stations,

      sport venues, and education centers


      Urban complexes, office buildings, commercial plazas.

      Hotels, etc.


      Office buildings in factory, factory plants, and R&D

      buildings, etc.

Process Technology

German Technology, Chinese Wisdom

The 40-year professional R&D experience of Wiskind perfectly collides with the modern precision manufacturing process of Germany, resulting in a new generation of insulated metal curtain wallproduct system –the Colorcurtain® with a diversity of color / shape options, a safe structure, as well as outstanding thermal insulation and fire protection performances, thus able to meet the personalized needs of customers from different industries.


Intelligent Manufacturing –Recreate the Manufacturing Model

The automatic flexible production line from Germany adopts the globally advanced bending technology, which features high precision, full automation and high efficiency, thus able to meet the ultra-flexible personalized production requirements for small volumes, multiple batches and multiple varieties.