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Profiled Roof Panel


RSS486 Roof Panel

The RSS486 is the 4thgeneration standing seam roof system developed by Wiskind.With excellent weatherability and the sliding technology based on thermal expansion and contraction,the system is applicable to all types of roof, and has thus obtained wide praise and trust from the whole industry. The RSS486 roof panel is precisely formed in the factory, allowing for automatic seam locking on the site, to achieve a maximum seam angle of 540° for optimal wind and water resistance.



(Reasonable cross-section design: the scientificgeometric section helps improve the ability to withstand various applied loads)


Outstanding watertightness and airtightness: with the Pittsburgh standing seam technology, the roof panels are connected by means of lock seams, truly allowing fora 360°+135° standing seam, of which the maximum angle can reach up to 540°, while the roof forms anentirety to improvewatertight and airtight performances.



Release thermal stress of the whole roof: the concealed sliding bracket is fixed on the structural system. After installation, the roof is able to slide as a whole to release the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, thus avoiding damage to the roof panel caused by the reciprocating movement.



Superior anti-winding ability: After the roof panel and the bracket lock seam are engaged, a strong connection is created among the roof panel, the bracket and the purlin, so that the load on the roof is able to transmit without obstacles, which guarantees the anti-winding capability of the roof as a whole. The RSS486 roof system has been approved by the FM safety certification, the US.


(FM Approval – the US)


Eliminate capillary leakage: the unique snap joint design creates a constant-pressure cavity after the lock seam is engaged, so as to ensure pressure balance, and the capillary rainwater leakage between panel seams can be completely eliminated without having to apply sealant.


(Details of the Self-locking Feature)

Self-locking feature for installation: avoid the risk of roof panel being lifted by the wind due to unpunctual seam locking of the profiled steel panel during the construction process, thereby enhancing roof installation safety while improving installation efficiency by 20%.



Scientific and reasonable details design: In view of thewind and water resistance issues at the cornice and ridge parts of a building, the destructiveness of metal corrosionand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion / contraction are fully consideredin combination with engineering application practice;through concentration on design, application of new technologies and modular standard accessories, as well as meticulous construction, peace of mind is offered to the customer even under inclement weather conditions.



RSS468 Roof Panel
The RSS468 roof system is created on basis of the American system in combination with the improvement based onthe actual situation in China. Some of the supporting components in the system have been improved to integrate the advantages of each side, making it a perfect and more functional system.
(Panel Diagram)

Product Features:

A standing seam roof system with secret nail is connected to the sub-structure by a sliding bearing;

Outstanding resistance to wind and water;

With the 360° lock seam, optimal lock seam strength and sealing performance can be guaranteed by power over-lock machine;

The roof system is able to slide relatively to the sub-structure, to release theinternal stress caused by thermal expansion / contraction, with maximum unidirectional expansion / contraction of up to 30 mm;

Multiple support heights are suitable for insulation cotton of different thicknesses and volumetric weights;

Able to be profiled on the site, usually without laps on the roof.



 Specs & Parameters

  Effective Width

 肋高  74mm
Panel Thickness  0.5-0.6mm
 截面慣性矩  35.23-42.21cm?/m
 截面抵抗矩  21.65-25.86cm³/m
 屋面坡度  ≥3%
Installation System
The unique installation system with concealed bracket avoids screw penetration on system surface, and the connection between the bracket and the panel adopts a unique sliding design, which overcomes the displacement of the ultra-long panel and the fixed bracket caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The 360-degree standing seam is engaged with the ribs that measure 74mm high. The professional coating equipment is able to offer prefabricated adhesive for the seam, allowing the RSS468 roofsystem an excellent waterproof performance.