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Structural System

Wiskind offers multistory / low-rise steel structure systems that aresolid, durable and adaptable to the different functional requirements of a building; It enjoys the features of clearly identified design philosophy,as well as fast and accurate processing and installation.


Structural solution


Gantry frame

Themature and reliable gantry frame system is widely applicable.

As the most widely used building system, the gantry frame employs the high-strength galvanized purlin to extend the service life of a building.


Large Span Column Structure


Since the substructure adopts the truss-type purlin system, the large span column system can be further expanded along the column direction;

Usually used in logistics warehouses and supermarket buildings, making the interior space more beautiful and open.


Multistory Structure System


The multistory structure system is usually applied to multistory auxiliary facilities, such as parking lots, office buildings, schools and industrial buildings, so as to accommodate the needs of more buildings



Factory Building Structure




The main structural system of a commonly seen industrial factory building is shown in the figure. As a matter of fact, it is possible to select and combine various structural types;

We will offer specialized advice on your building steel structure,so as to minimizeyour construction investment by optimizing project plans, on conditions that building functional requirements are effectively met.



Types of Factory Building with Crane

Support System