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Accessory Systems

Edge Trim System

Diagram of Edge Trim


Fully automatic high-precision CNC bending machine


The extra-long edge trim is able to reduce overlap, thus creating a better sealing performance for the building, while making the appearance more beautiful. The flashing and trimming parts are 180° edge folded, to conceal the exposed cuts and extend the service life of the building. 



Drainage System
Diagram of External Gutter

Made of the same material with the façade panel; the dedicated metal cantilever not only meets the mechanical bearing capacity, but is also durable; the gutter bucket is scientifically and reasonably located, fully takinginto consideration the safety of the drainage route under extreme weather conditions;



Diagram of Internal Gutter


Use the SUS304 stainless steel; the lap joint of the gutter is argon-arc welded to block the water leaking path; the anti-corrosion metal batten, roof panel, gutter and purlin are connected with stainless steel screws, supplemented by metal plug and butyl rubber to prevent rainwater from seeping into the roof;

Daylighting System
Project Images of the Daylighting System
The point daylighting design reduces the damage caused by temperature changes of different materials, and thus eliminates leakage; the soft light reduces glare and dizziness, creating a comfortable working environment; the daylighting panel is complemented by metal welting, EPDM gasket, butyl rubber, waterproof battens / rivets, which are mechanically engaged with the roof panel, to provide superior windproof and waterproof performances; the daylighting panel is of the same type with the roof panel, making it possible to adopt the double-layer anti-condensation structure, for prevention of condensation; the auxiliarydaylighting panelenjoys the advantages of UV protection and high light transmittance;
Interior Diagram, Exterior Diagram
Ventilation System
Interior Profile
Lower room temperature, and improve indoor thermal environment; effective ventilation to provide fresh and natural air; offer such features as solving heat dissipation / condensation, and supplement the building with fresh air; as per different needs, corresponding ventilation method is adopted, e.g. unpowered ventilator, roof ventilationclerestory, poweredventilator, blinds, etc.